Curcumin Pure 95™ FAQ

What is Tumeric? Tumeric is the dried rhizome (root) of the Curcuma longa plant. It’s one of the most widely used spices (curry) in India for flavor and as a medicinal herb. Tumeric has been used as a medicine, spice (curry) and yellow dye since 600 B.C.

What is Curcumin? Curcumin is the active ingredient in Tumeric making up 2-6% of the spice. It is a yellow-orange pigment and the most important ingredient in Tumeric with many clinical applications. In particular it’s regarded as a powerful, yet safe, anti-inflammatory agent.

How much Curcumin is in Tumeric? Tumeric consists of 2-6% curcuminoids. Since tumeric contains such small concentrations of curcumin, look for a standardized 95% curcumin. Hundreds of scientific and technical papers confirm clinical results are obtained using curcumin.

Why not 100% Curcumin? Purification from 95% to 100% curcumin does not increase bioavailability of curcumin but the manufacturing costs are substantially higher. The 95% Curcumin fulfills Bright Nutrition’s mission to maximize product value and potency.

What’s the Difference Between Curcumin and Curcuminoids? Most curcumin products contain 3 major curcuminoids: curcumin I (~77%), curcumin II (~17%), and curcumin III (~3%). For convenience, all curcuminoids are referred to simply as “curcumin” even though tumeric contains a variety of different curcuminoids.