Company Overview

With over 20,000 varieties of herbs & supplements already on the market and new products emerging every day, selecting the trustworthy, highly effective and reasonably priced ones to achieve better health can be a daunting task for a consumer. After over a decade in the retail natural product industry, Bright NutritionTM was founded in Chicago to alleviate this problem and provide a premiere line of time-tested nutritional supplements for your most common health concerns.

Bright NutritionTM has done the leg work so you don’t have to. We’ve spent years searching for the cleanest and most potent natural supplements available and still continue to this day.

With nearly 20 years of industry experience, a decade learning from our customers, and through extensive testing and research, we’ve selected the most valuable nutritional supplements available to offer our customers. Most importantly, we truly care about what we offer.

Our product offering criteria is driven by a simple protocol: Find what works, develop with the most potent ingredients, and provide high value product at a reasonable price.

First, we find what actually works. There are so many ingredients and formulas on the market it can be confusing for a consumer. Nothing speaks like true customer experience to a product’s effectiveness. Studies and research are very important but nothing is offered until we’ve seen it work for our customers and ourselves.

Second, we find the cleanest and most potent ingredients available and work with scientist and formulators to develop these products. Once we determine to add a product to our offering, our priority is to develop the most potent and effective version available.

Our third and final step is to provide these products at a reasonable price. Controlling costs is very important to us to ensure you and your loved ones can attain the balanced lifestyle you want.

Bright NutritionTM is taking the uncertainty out of the equation. You can depend on Bright NutritionTM to provide you the quality product at a high value price. We only offer products we’d recommend to our family and friends. If we wouldn’t take it, we won’t offer it!

Meet our team!

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