Testing Reveals Knockoff Formulas of Inner Ear Balance IEB9

Watch out for FAKES!

Did you know that there are knock-off products that claim to have the same benefits and ingredients as Inner Ear Balance IEB9 but do not contain most (if any) of the real herbs?

We sent two suspicious looking supplements to the lab for testing. The results shocked us, the two products had little to no herbs in them at all!

A (Potentially Dangerous) Money Making Scam

Consumers must be diligent when it comes to buying herbal supplements on third party selling platform.

We have worked in natural food industry for more than 20 years. The industry standard is what we called True Label. Not so much with the some of the sellers on Amazon. They don't go by the True Label standard.

The current climate allows for fly-by-night scammer companies to sell as many products as possible before they get caught. Unfortunately, many consumers may buy products that are not what they claim to be.  

Not only is your money at stake, but your health is too. The number of low quality “herbal” supplements found on third party selling sites is common.

Whether they’re using the wrong kind of herbs or other inert substances like silica, maltodextrin or other fillers, scammers are getting away with selling adulterated and fake ingredients to unsuspecting customers. It’s not just morally wrong, it can be dangerous.

Don’t be fooled by these wannabe products. Here’s how to tell if your product is the real deal or a fake.

Signs that your Supplement is a FAKE

Color/ Texture

Two of the fake products that we tested were dry capsules with white powder inside. Real herbal blends like Inner Ear Balance contain REAL HERBS which means they will have ground up, textured herbs in natural colors like greens and browns.

Bright Nutrition IEB9 Inner Ear Balance real herbal extract powder is dark brown compared to fake white mystery powder.

VERY Low Price

While everyone loves a good deal, the reality is that you simply can’t make a quality herbal supplement without REAL herbs and state of the art manufacturing processes.

The truth is that cheap knockoffs can’t deliver the ingredients they claim to have. They do not invest in research or development, nor do they harvest the herbs for quality.

Authentic herbal products like Inner Ear Balance IEB9 cost a bit more, but you’re getting authentic premium herbs and a REAL formula that works

No Explanation of the Formula

The fake products that we have been seeing on Amazon do not have any explanation (and no doubt understanding) of the formula.

Sure, they claim that the products can help symptoms of Meniere's and vertigo, but can they tell you WHY the formula works?

No- and that’s because they themselves do not know! IEB9 is an authentic formula based on the tradition of Eastern Herbalism.

No Bar Codes

As industry professionals, we were shocked to find some of the “supplement” products did not even have UPC barcodes.

These codes are an industry standard, and without them you cannot sell in retail stores. This is a big red flag that consumers might not be aware of.

No Customer Service

Some of these products do not have customer service numbers or any way to reach the company. There’s no way for customers to reach the company and that’s another red flag.

Bright Nutrition relies on authentic, traditional formulas along with safe, state of the art processes.

The Bright Nutrition Difference

Generations of Herbal Supplement Knowledge

Not only is Bright Nutrition a family-owned business run by GENERATIONS of professionals in the natural products industry with a focus on Asian traditional formulas, but they’ve also been in the industry for over two decades (and more if you count the family elders).

This is not just a story crafted for marketing- it’s the truth. We bring real knowledge and experience with over 20 years in the industry and that matters.

Authentic Formula

Inner Ear Balance IEB9 is an authentic formula based on the wisdom of Eastern Herbalism. This holistic health system helps bring balance to energies that are out of balance in the body and works in an entirely different way than Western herbs or modalities.

The fake products claim to be using the same formula, but without an understanding of the actual system of Eastern herbalism, their blends won’t have the correct amount of herbs and will not work in the same way. (Not to mention the fakes we tested had little to none of actual herbs in the formula.)

Bright Nutrition’s extensive background in Eastern Herbalism and the natural products industry makes us a trusted source for authentic, safe, and proven formulas.

We grow our own herbs – Farm to Tablet. We put the effort in to ensure the quality of the herbs in our formula. It’s hard work, but makes the difference for the final products

Hot Water Extract Process

Another key to Inner Ear Balance IEB9’s effectiveness is the way it’s made. 

Unlike fakes and other competitors, the Inner Ear Balance IEB9 special blend is made using a state-of-the-art processing method.

Hot water extract is the best choice for many kinds of medicinal herbs. It’s able to concentrate and preserve the most active and potent components of the natural ingredients.

After cleansing for impurities, herbs are boiled in industrial grade heating tanks. The boiling process will reach less than 212 F, keeping the essence of the herbs intact.

The active compounds are released from the herbs, and a concentrated powder is left behind after the water evaporates. 

The process is akin to making an herbal soup, the traditional way to prepare herbal extract in Asia.

The difference is that this process uses state of the art technology to create a final product that’s easy for anyone to take. 

This method is excellent for the authentic and traditional herbs found in Inner Ear Balance IEB9.

Since it’s based on a real traditional formula, each herb plays an important role, and the functionality of the blend depends on the potency of each ingredient.

Hot water extraction ensures that the end formula is as potent as can be.

Hot Water Extract vs Herbal Powders 

Some supplements are made of a dried herb that’s been ground into a powder. Supplements made in this way are not as potent as extracts made using the hot water process.

While some companies choose dry herbal powder because it’s the cheaper way, they’re missing out on the major benefits of doing the extra processing.

Why We Don’t Use Herbal Powders for IEB9

When creating a traditional Eastern herbal formula, it’s especially important that the Hot Water Process is used instead of only dried herbs. Simply put, that is how herbs traditionally consumed in Asia - in herbal soup form. Hot water extraction process is the closest way to mimic the traditional way of using the herbs, without the hassle of broiling the raw herbs with water everyday. 

It takes 4 lb. of whole, dry herbs to produce 1 lb. of hot water extract.

This means that the final extracted product that our customers get is at least 4 times more potent than formulas made only by ground herbs.

Premium Quality is the Result

When you buy a formula made using the hot water extraction process, you’re getting something with much more of the compounds and active ingredients.

The process allows for the herbs to work better synergistically as they’re meant to. 

For authentic traditional formulas like Inner Ear Balance IEB9, maximum potency of the herbs is crucial for the product to do what it’s supposed to. 

If you’re spending money on supplements, you’ll get more for your dollar when you buy premium quality formulas like IEB9.

Unlike fake products from Amazon, IEB9 Inner Ear Balance by Bright Nutrition is made using a state of the art process that mimics the traditional way of making herbal formulas.

Stay Safe with Quality Herbal Supplements

It’s tempting when we find low prices on the herbal supplements. Unfortunately, there are some products that simply can’t be made well with cheap materials and processing methods and supplements fall into that category.

Remember, when you’re buying a quality herbal supplement, a lot goes into the final product.

First you must start with the best quality herbs. For authentic ancient formulas like Inner Ear Balance IEB9, the herbs might be hard to find.

Then, you must find the perfect formula. After all, even if you do have all the right ingredients, if you don’t the precise formula the blend might not work how it’s supposed to.

Our formula is formulated and researched by a Traditional Herbal Medicine Academy. It is a proprietary blend because we need to protect the formula patent.

Creating a quality supplement depends on expertise behind the scenes and quality when it comes to ingredients and manufacturing.

While it may be easy for brands to create a cheaper product with mystery ingredients and sell it for bargain basement prices online, that doesn’t make it right. As a consumer, you deserve to know what’s in the products you buy.

So, before you buy the next cheap supplement you find on Amazon, ask yourself, “is this product the real deal”?

Where does it come from? What’s it made of? Who’s working behind the scenes?

It’s easy to find knock offs online, but authentic herbal blends like Inner Ear Balance IEB9 are something much more special.